Would you rather have a Corvette or Volt?

Would you rather have a Corvette or Volt?

It may seem like an unfair matchup for the Volt, but in fact, it isn’t fair for the Corvette.

Sales for the all-electric car are outpacing the high performance sports car through the first five months of the year, according to Fox News. Chevrolet has sold 7,057 Volts and 5,547 Corvettes this year.

It’s the same story in May where 1,680 Volts were sold, compared with the 1,219 Corvettes.

Some of the disparity might be coming from the $18,000 difference between a Volt and Corvette. According to Chevrolet, Corvettes are priced at $49,600, compared with the Volt’s $31,645 price tag.

Of course, the sale numbers for the Volt are far off the 45,000 Volts that Chevrolet had hoped to sell in 2012, but Volt sales seem on pace to double the 7,761 sold in 2011.

Some of the success for the Volt in 2012 might be because of California.

Dealerships are struggling to keep the electric car on lots because of the high gasoline price and a special state incentive that allows the Volt to drive in high occupancy vehicle lanes.

Those factors have sparked a surge of Volt drivers in California. According to the Detroit Free Press, nearly 23 percent of all Volt registrations come from the Golden State.

The car’s demand is also apparent in dealerships.

“I’ve had more people talk to me in the last couple months about the Volt than I have in the last year,” Bill Cumming, a general manager California Chevrolet dealership, told the Detroit Free Press. “Currently, I have none in stock.”

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