Soleil Motors Reveals Anadi, a Coachbuilt Corvette Priced at $299,995

This week’s 2011 Top Marques car show in Monaco (April 14-17) welcomed the world premiere of the Soleil Anadi, a coachbuilt Corvette that is the brainchild of Ugur Sahin, a Turkish designer based in the Netherlands. Sahin sold the rights to the design of the Anadi to a company called Soleil Motors, which then joined forces with Ercole and Paolo Spada from Spada Concepts and Will Castro from Unique Autosport to complete the project.

The transformation of the Corvette to the Anadi takes place in Italy, with the company having opened its first showroom in Milan. Like the car it is based on, the Anadi comes equipped with a detachable roof but features new sheetmetal with a profile that brings to mind the Ferrari 599 and a bespoke rear end. The interior has also been fully customized but the show car seen in these photos, courtesy of our friends from, had tinted windows. The company said it will release pictures of the cabin at a later date.


Lying under the hood is a Corvette sourced 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine producing 651-horsepower. Soleil Motors said projections of current testing indicate the Anadi reaching top speeds in excess of 200 mph (321 km/h) and capable of completing the 0-60 mph (96 km/h) sprint in less than 3.5 seconds.

Other notable features include the Brembo brakes, KW dampers, Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires, and OZ rims.

And the price of all this, we hear you ask? Soleil Motors said that the Anadi is available for order now at a price of US$299,995 or about €208,000, with production set to be limited to 300 cars worldwide.

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