Suspect Involved In Corvette Road Rage Shooting Apprehended

Corvette Road RageWeeks prior, we reported the driver of a yellow C6 Corvette had been shot in the back following a road rage incident with a Ford Mustang driver in Arizona. We’re happy to report the suspect in the shooting has been located and taken into custody.

Our sister publication, Ford Authority, reports from local affiliate WSB-TV the suspect had been identified by witnesses following an apprehension for unrelated auto theft charges. According to witnesses, the driver of the C6 Corvette waved the suspect and his Mustang on after following closely behind. Instead, the suspect pulled alongside the Corvette and opened fire.

The victim remains in the hospital after sustaining gunshots to the upper back.
In addition to his already lengthy rap sheet, the suspect is now being charged with two counts of aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

“We’re all much safer now, because he’s in custody,” said Police Captain Paul Braun of the Ford Mustang driver. He also cautioned that road rage incidents are on the rise, and urged motorists to “try not use any type of hand gestures… even though you may be waving, someone else may interpret that differently.”