Supercars from the 80s

The 80s were a time of innovation and the auto industry was no exception. People were always dreaming about the endless possibilities that technology could bring. Top auto makers of the 80s exhausted their funds and minds to engineer some of the most advanced vehicles of their time. Many of them are now considered classics and have been popularized through TV and entertainment. Some of the greatest cars ever conceptualized came from this period, and they have become the objects of desire of thousands of wealthy collectors around the world. If you are on the hunt for the car of your dreams, here’s a guide to some of the most wanted.

One of the most iconic supercars of all time, the Ferrari Testarossa achieved fame and glory through the popular show Miami Vice. Usually outfitted in its signature red paint job, the car blazes the streets with its red-hot 4.9-liter 12-cylinder engine, pushing 390 horsepower! This speedster can dash up to 180 mph on a straight track, zipping from 0-60 mph in under five and a half seconds! Sleek, stylish, and instantly recognizable by its door vents, the Testarossa deserves a spot at the top of the list.

The name Lamborghini is synonymous with quality exotic sports car, and this has not changed even today. One of the original bad boys, the Lamborghini Countach has led the way for its modern day successors like the Murcielago and the Gallardo. Although the car was considered by many to be the most beautiful of all time, it’s performance was less than stellar. With its 5.7-liter, 12-cylinder engine, the Countach offered great power and speed in exchange for a moderately-comfortable ride.

Another legendary automobile, the Porsche 959, immediately enters the mind when one thinks of great concept cars. Although not the fastest or sexiest, the 959 was way ahead of its time. Powered by a humble 2.8-liter, 6-cylinder engine, the thing was rated at over 440 horsepower! Because of the advanced technology involved, Porsche spent about twice its listed price to build one! This eventually led to production being ceased, but the 959 still remains in our hearts today.

These are just a few of the many great supercars built in the 80s. Depending on your personal taste and preferences, others may suit you better. Just remember that before you drop the loads of cash required, check out to get yourself a great plan. You don’t want to spend another fortune on repairs!

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