CROOKS at CARLISE- police now involved in 1960 #1 LeMans Corvette

August 25,2012

The famous long lost 1960 #1 Lemans Corvette is considered stolen by it’s owner.
The idividuals that have the 1960 LeMans Corvette at this time are fully aware that they do not have title to the vehicle, and they have seen the current title.
In Dan Mathis Jr’s mind, he was excited to know that his 1960 LeMans Corvette that was once drag raced by his father would be in good hands while at the Corvette at Carlise event in held in Carlise, PA. He thought for sure that once Lance Miller and Kevin Mackay learned that the car had a owner of record with a current title to the vehicle, that they would embrace the new owner and share the missing peice of the car’s history with the world.
Dan Jr., read about Lance Miller’s relationship with his late father Chip Miller, and how they spent so much time around race cars and race tracks. This meant destiny to Dan Jr. Because he had the same relationship with his father. Dan Mathis, Jr was quoted as saying, ” when I saw the pictures of my father’ s car on the internet, it stirred up so many emotions. I want to see the car
again, touch it, sit in it again, to sit and talk my father again in heaven.
Dan Jr’s dreams of reuniting with his fathers car was quickly turned into nightmares. Thousands of Corvette followers and fans sat and stood at the Carlise fairgrounds waiting to see the unveiling the most famous Corvette in American racing history. The thousands of fans were suspiciously informed that the famous Corvette would not be shown. Why?
Why, because Lance Miller and Kevin Mackay were previously contacted by sources inquiring about the true ownership of the car, inquiring about the title for the car, and inquiring the previous transactions involving the car. They were also informed that there was an owner of record in Florida. After learning this new information, Lance and Kevin opted not to take the reasonable and prudent route to legitimize this famous car. Instead they took route of deception and theft. The Carlise, PA Police department, Pennsylvania State Police Dectectives and The District Attorney all were involved at the home and Lance Miller’s mother where the private showing of the car took place. Anonymous sources confirmed that the vehicle was being held and hidden from the police in the same garage while the police investigated and threatened search warrants and closure and the Corvettes at Carlise vent that was taking place at the fairgrounds.
The investgation concluded with a erroneous story being to that the corvette was no longer on the premises.
Does any wonder? Who did the drag car modifications and alterations. Who painted the car? These questions should have been answered during the presentation of the history of the car, instead kept secret. The answer to the above questions; the owner of the car Dan Mathis Sr. Who drag raced the 1960 Corvette in the mid 1970?s.

The legacy of this famous LeMans Corvette is now and forever will be tainted and scared by the villains that are hiding and lying about the truth, and now they are hiding the car.

(local and state police official securing the home of Lance Millers mother in Carlise, PA)

This case is currently being reviewed by state and federal law enforcement officials for identification of suspects and levels of criminal prosecution.

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