Parkersburg, WV – 25th Annual Blennerhassett Corvette Association Car Show

Reporter: Mollie Lair
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The show has expanded and this year around 110 cars were showcased at City Park.

Hundreds show up to vote on their favorites. But the owners and car admirers aren’t the only ones winning from this event.

Each year the Blennerhassett Corvette Association donates money to a charity.

This year they selected the West Virginia Special Olympics. Club members say many collectors have a sentimental connection to these priceless antiques.

‘It’s a holiday weekend. There are some nice cars out here, but if you look at the way things are in this country today, people are going back and looking at the old cars. They are strongly drawn toward them and you might call us the baby boomers, which I am one, and we’re really drawn to them because a lot of these cars you see out here today are ones we saw when we were teenagers,” says association member Robert D. Flag II.

A new award, the Camshaft Trophy, was presented this year. It was crafted by Association Governor Dan Lunblad.

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