Forest, VA – Car Show Raises Money to Restore 9/11 Firetruck

Reporter: Melinda Zosh

Forest, VA – The Virginia Corvette Club is helping a local fire department raise money. They held a car show today at Royal Auto Credit in Forest.

About 57 cars including several classics were featured in the show. The event brought in $2,000 to help restore a fire truck.

It was dispatched to the Pentagon from its station in Maryland on 9/11. The Big Island Volunteer Fire Department then bought the truck to replace one it had donated.

“We were gonna buy a new one, the new one at the time was between 500 to $550,000 This one, we bought for $20,000. When the economy tanked we just couldn’t afford to borrow half a million dollars,” said Big Island Vol. Fire Dept. Chief Brandon Cocke.

Firefighters say they need $20,000 to finish repairs on the truck. If you’d like to learn more go here:

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