Kenora, Northwestern Ontario, Canada, Corvette show expected to return next year

Kirah Sapong

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The Mid-Canada Corvette Show that had car enthusiasts revving up and down Main Street, in Central Park, and on the Harbourfront over the last four years is staying in the garage this year to let the Northern Lights Rendezvous (British) Car Show take the wheel.

“When we were looking for something to do this year, we saw the British Car Show was going to be that weekend,” said Chris Van Walleghem, Mid-Canada Corvette Show event co-ordinator. “We were going to move it, but we’re doing something else on a lot of other weekends. We couldn’t conflict with those ones.”

The Mid-Canada Corvette Show hits the road next weekend, driving south through the United States. Two weekends ago, the same corvettes cruised through the Grand Forks. This would have been the only available weekend this summer for the Corvette Show to host events in Kenora.

“We were going to do something in conjunction with the British Car Show and we mentioned that to Tourism Kenora, but nothing ever came of it,” said Van Walleghem, who will enjoy the show from a viewer’s perspective instead.

“Maybe we can pick up some tips on things they do and incorporate it into our show next year too,” said Van Walleghem.

Brian Lanoway, co-chairman of Triumph Drivers Club of Manitoba and contact for the Northern Lights Rendezvous Car Show, had communications with the Mid-Canada Corvette Show, but said they decided against collaborating.

“We had talked with them but we didn’t decide to do anything together,” he said. “Initially my understanding was they were leaving Kenora and going for a drive out of town so they weren’t going to be in town at the time. And since we heard they weren’t going be there during the weekend we never pursued anything.”

Lanoway later explained that they initially wanted to have a separate show because they wanted to go in a different direction than the Mid-Canada Corvette Show.

The Northern Lights Rendezvous Car Show takes place every four years. Lanoway said he hopes to come back to Kenora for their next show.

“We’re really pleased with Kenora so far and hopefully we’ll be back in four years,” he said. “I’d personally very much like to be back in Kenora.”

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