Friday the 13th! Scammer plus 1963 Nova Station Wagon

Scams take all forms, but one of concern to our friends and customers are the rising number of fake auto dealers.

In the past we would get calls from people shopping for cars saying they saw a car just like the one we have, listed by somebody else, on Craig’s List or other sites like it. But now, we are getting calls from people saying that they have seen the exact same car we have for sale on other dealer’s websites. When we go to the website the customer tells us about, sure enough, there is the same car we have located in our showroom listed for sale by this unknown dealer; they even use the same description and pictures we have on our site to promote their listing.

How the scam works, these fake dealerships are just websites setup by the scammers with fake addresses in out of the way cities. They also setup a phone system using one of the many services that offer Voice Over the Internet services and that sound very professional. Then they find cars listed on eBay and other dealership websites and copy them onto their fake site. Once they are ready, usually about 1-2 weeks and a total investment of less than a few hundred dollars, they start advertising the fake website and cars for prices that are very good deals, but not so low that the buyer gets worried it is too good to be true.

Once they get the unsuspecting buyer, they take a deposit to hold the car while they come out to inspect it, or if they are really lucky the full amount for the car and say they will ship it to the customer. When the customer comes out to inspect the car, they find out that there is no dealership at the location, or if they pay in full that the car never arrives. In either case, the money is gone and so is the scammer.

1963 Nova Station Wagon

1963 Nova Station Wagon
Saddle Tan w/Tan interior 327ci V8, 3-spd automatic transmission.

It’s not often that we get in a Nova station wagon. Come to think of it, it’s not often we get in station wagons of any kind! However, we thought this one was special enough to add to our inventory and we think you’ll agree!

We acquired this ’63 Nova from a client who just purchased a ’67 Corvette from us. At first glance, it appears completely stock with its arrow straight body, Saddle Tan paint and beautiful interior with a rare, rear facing bench seat still in place! But a look under the hood belies appearance with a “slightly worked” 327 V8 and Turbo 350 3-spd transmission replacing the straight 6-cyl engine and 2-spd Powerglide transmission it was born with! Dealer installed V8 conversions were quite popular back in the day and although we don’t know if this engine was dropped in way back when or a number of years after, we do know that it makes for quite a nice package. Equipped with power to cruise the highways and byways of America and room to spare for family or friends. Options include factory a-c (not currently working), power front disc brakes, power steering and radial tires. You’ll want to take this Nova out every chance you get! It’s also documented with the original Shipped, Dealer Invoice, Oklahoma Title and Owner’s Manual! A neat wagon indeed!
Stock #5770 – Price: $34,900 OBO