Another Stolen Corvette Recovered

Over the past few months there have been cars reported that were stolen decades ago, only to turn up again after authorities managed to sniff out some peculiarities with VINs. Well, another Corvette has turned up after being lost for 26 years.


The most recent story floating around involves a Jaguar E-Type that was stolen from New York City and recovered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection while they were in a container headed to the Netherlands. There were four other cars recovered including a 1969 Corvette. reports that this Corvette was stolen from Portland, OR in 1988 but authorities have yet been able to find out who the owner was, not to mention who were the perpetrators of the crime almost three decades ago.


If you happen to have had a 1969 Corvette stolen from the Pacific Northwest in 1988, you may want to contact customs officials in Los Angeles. Hopefully you still have the VIN and other paperwork to make things easier.

By: Mike Vietro – 714-630-0700



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