Wednesday, 28 September 2022

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Where is the 2014 Corvette Grand Sport? The Z06? The ZR1??

Many of you are probably wondering why you haven’t heard any news on other 2014 Corvette designs such as the classic Grand Sport, the track-ready Z06, and the supercharged ZR1. So here’s what we know: As of right now, the Stingray and Stingray Convertible are the only Corvette models that have been announced. However, we fully expect others to be revealed in time. This could perhaps be later in the 2014 model year, or it could be for the 2015 release.

Will Chevrolet keep the names such as “Grand Sport”, or will it be an entirely new name and design? Well the word isn’t out yet. Will the new models still have the V8 or will a V6 model be introduced? Unfortunately we have to wait and see. Folks want to see the specs on a supercharged 2014 Corvette ZR1! – Nobody is saying exactly WHAT’S coming, but we do know that something new is on the horizon…..

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