Watch Six Generations Of Corvette Wind Tunnel Testing: Video

Ever wonder how each generation of Chevrolet Corvette is more aerodynamic than the previous model? Well, we can’t exactly say we have ourselves, but a video demonstrating six separate generations of Corvettes in the wind tunnel was still pretty fun to watch.

Starting with the first-generation model, the C1, the video goes on to individually show the C2C3, C4, C5, and C6 during wind tunnel testing at the AeroDYN facility’s A2 wind tunnel in Mooresville, North Carolina. The tunnel was capable of providing a consistent aerodynamic environment at speeds from 30 to 85 mph. You can see how the air channels itself around the cars thanks to a smoke wand.

Being made in 2008, the throwback video doesn’t have footage of the most downforce-happy Corvette ever, the current-generation C7. That said, we still enjoyed it and found it rather interesting, as we’re sure most of you will too.