Video: Man Arrested After Posting 195MPH Corvette Video On YouTube


Wow, we seriously can’t believe people have yet to learn not to post video of themselves breaking the law on YouTube. Apparently 30-year-old Cody Replogle has failed to learn this bit of wisdom.

After posting a handful of videos with titles like, “1000+ HP Corvette Doing 195+ mph,” where Replogle videotaped himself reportedly going 195mph around Oklahoma City freeways, Oklahoma City PD got him to confess to owning the Corvette, speeding on public roads, and then posting the evidence to YouTube.

Replogle was apparently trying to lure in would-be buyers interested in the blown ‘Vette with – according to Replogle, “$60K worth of upgrades.” The 30-year-old was even daft enough to brag about his speeding exploits on his now defunct YouTube page.

When the police were notified, Replogle attempted to sell the Corvette with a buy-it-now price of $26,000 but a highest bid of $15K didn’t meet his reserve price. Replogle then pulled all his videos down.

The Oklahoman reported, “Dee Albert “Cody” Replogle was arrested Monday by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol on two complaints of reckless driving. Troopers said Replogle posted YouTube videos of himself speeding down Oklahoma City-area freeways in a high-powered Chevrolet Corvette. This image from YouTube shows a car westbound on the Kilpatrick Turnpike near Portland Avenue in Oklahoma City.”

So what’s the lesson here? How about the same lesson that has been blasting over the airwaves for the last decade: If you’re going to do something illegal, stupid, injurious, or defaming; don’t publish your exploits on YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere else.

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