State Hoops Prevent Corvette Expo’s Return

Posted May 9, 2012

A state regulation is preventing Knoxville from returning the popular Corvette Expo to Chilhowee Park, once a successful event at the venue.

One of the key elements of the show is the auction of a Corvette. Under a new auction law, passed in 2008, you cannot hold a car auction “off premise.” When the law was passed it did not affect the Corvette Expo—it was grandfathered in and was then located in Sevier County.

But to move the event back to Knoxville requires Expo organizers to get a variance from state regulations. It requires extensive paperwork and it would have to be approved by a board which meets quarterly. Because of the hassle, the time constraints, and the unknown outcome, the Expo decided to stay in Sevier County this year. The Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corp. is staying in touch and trying to find a solution for the future.

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