Someone Is Selling A Star Wars-Themed Corvette On eBay

Well, it’s not a landspeeder, but it’ll do.

A Pennsylvania man had this 1974 Corvette airbrushed into a driving Star Wars poster in the late ’70s — and now it’s available on eBay to the highest bidder.

According to the auction, the man — who has since passed away and is not the seller — spent over 1,000 hours on the car.

Below, in italics, you can read the official description of the car from the eBay listing.

Star WarsThis is a 1974 Chevrolet Corvette that was airbrushed in the late 1970’s with the Star Wars theme. A Uniontown(pa) man has created an award-winning automotive version of Star Wars in 1977. Every body panel was hand airbrushed freestyle using many candy apples,pearl, purples, silvers, reds, blues, yellows, and many more. 20 coats of hand rubbed lacquer. The paint has held up very well. There are a few little chips here and there and some minor bubbling. The front and rear bumber covers were replaced in the past few years do to the plastic aging and falling apart. Rusty Fecek(now deceased), the car’s creator, spent over a 1000 hrs creating this amazing car. He took it to many show and events(see attached newspaper article). When Rusty passed the car sat idle in his daughters garage for 12-15yrs then a older gentlemen purchased and changed the bumber covers and some interior pieces. He told me every time he took it out people would ask him if it was for sale. This car draws a crowd wherever it goes. The interior has a carpeted(shag) dash and the door panels were replaced when the bumber covers were. The seats have wear and the interior is in average shape for the year needing a little work. headlights I put up and down manually. The car runs and drives with a slight exhaust leak, it could use a tune up and some love but runs with no issues. There is a disconnect installed by the previous owner that I use. This car is truly one of a kind that is Beautifully hand airbrushed. See newspaper article about the car in pics. Please if u have any questions ask before u bid. Only bid if u intend to buy! The car is being sold as is with NO warranty. $500 non refundable deposit within 24hrs of winning bid.

Star Wars2The car is currently selling for $6,200 — but that won’t guarantee you this piece of historic memorabilia, as the reserve for the auction hasn’t yet been met.

By: Russ Burlingame | 07/27/2015 |
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