SANTA MARIA,CA – Person of Interest in Deadly Hit & Run Says He’s the Wrong Guy

SANTA MARIA – Ramiro Chavez Jr. of Santa Maria says he’s cannot understand why the CHP is calling him a “person of interest” in a deadly hit and run on Highway 101 near Nipomo early in the morning on May 13.

“Honestly I came here to clear up my name”, Chavez told Central Coast News in an exclusive interview outside the Santa Maria CHP office, “I’m not running away from nobody so I don’t know what they are talking about.”

The deadly hit and run killed 46 year old Fabian Alexander, a homeless man from Modesto, who was walking along the northbound Highway 101 off ramp to Highway 166.

A witness told the CHP after the impact a blue Chevrolet Corvette speeded down the off ramp, crossed over onto Thompson Road, and drove away northbound on Thompson toward Nipomo at a high rate of speed.

The CHP says a Corvette found on fire east of Santa Maria two days later has not been ruled out as being the car involved in the hit and run.

“I actually don’t know who owns a corvette, and I don’t want to be involved in any of this stuff”, Chavez says, “I just want to get my name cleared up because it’s really messing up my business.”

Chavez says he owns a business that prepares strawberry fields for planting.

“I’ve had four of my customers call me already to see what was going on with me”, Chavez says, “I just told them it’s not me, you know this is not right.”

“The reason why we declared him a person of interest is because we believe he has information or personal knowledge of the events that transpired”, says CHP Officer Rob Wallace who stresses Chavez is not considered a suspect.

The CHP says Chavez was uncooperative with investigators when he met briefly with them Friday afternoon at the Santa Maria CHP office, refusing to answer questions they had for him.

“I wasn’t there, so I don’t know why they want to get me involved”, Chavez says, “I don’t why they are bringing me into this when I wasn’t even there, that’s why I want to clear my name up.”

Despite his efforts the CHP says Chavez remains a person of interest in their investigation.

Anyone with information about the blue Corvette or the hit and run on May 13 should call the CHP San Luis Obispo office at 593-3333.

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