Police Put A Stop To California Corvette Chop Shop Read more: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2016/07/police-put-a-stop-to-california-corvette-chop-shop/#ixzz4FZ4TdTz2

Law enforcement: 1. Criminals: 0. Police in San Bernadino have successfully shut down at chop shop through an undercover operation.

The operation, headed by the San Bernadino County Auto Theft Task Force, focused on Henry Myers, who became a member of a local Corvette club. Other members noticed parts, tools and more were missing after he ceased showing up to events.

Adding to Myers’ downfall was his decision to place an ad in the Corvette club’s publication for the stolen parts. Club members got in touch with Myers and confirmed the parts were stolen, according to Victor Valley News.

In the sting, law enforcement found parts, tools, two Corvette frames and other classic Corvette accessories. Myers faces charges of burglary, forgery, possession of stolen vehicles, and owning a chop shop.