Paul Comeau of the Corvette Shop – 1967 Split Window custom

There is a local myth out there. Some say they have seen it, while others have only heard about it. I am one who has seen it, from its inception, and Paul Comeau of the Corvette Shop built it.

The “Mythical ’67 Corvette,” as Comeau calls it, is primarily 1967 body parts. All that is really left of the 1963 ‘Vette is the split window, which was only around for that year’s model.

This lives up to the phrase “one-of-a-kind.” The cab is built from three different cars. Comeau added his own touches, too. The quarter panels are 2 inches wider than the stock quarter panels, and he took off the vents that are on the side of the roof. The car is all stock but fabricated just enough not to be stock.


You really can’t tell that the car is a little wider unless you look straight down the side. Comeau had to make this modification to fit the 200s rims. The front rims are 17/7; the rear rims are 17/8.

Inside, you have a very quiet ride. Comeau installed extra soundproofing material. The car really needed it because it also has Electronic Header Dumps. With a push of a button you can change the sound of the exhaust from quiet, to rumble to loud to awesome!


The seats were done by Al Knoch Interiors of El Paso, Texas. Shop staffer Cher Marse did the rest of the interior, and Chris Hummel did the assembly of the dash and the mechanics. Comeau painted the car himself at the shop. Other specs are: A/C, P/B, P/W, power seats out of a C5 ‘Vette, tilt column, touch screen navigation and backup camera. The car is finished off with a Chrysler color called Deep Water Blue paint.

Comeau is amazing when it comes to building, fabricating and designing Corvettes. The Mythical ’67 is just another example of his fine work, and it is a myth no longer.


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