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There was a rumor that the C8 Mid-Engined Corvette would be shown at a private event on the 14th of this month, but that date has come and gone. Even though GM is still being very secretive about the C8, the people over at have been able to get, and just release, a picture of what is supposed to be the interior of the new 2020 C8 Mid-Engined Corvette!

The picture shows a very modern interior with a twin-spoked leather and chrome steering wheel featuring a new Corvette logo at its center. There is also a row of climate controls and buttons for the heated and ventilated seats on the passenger side of the center console.  The center console itself holds buttons for the automatic transmission and shortcut buttons for the Infotainment system.

The instrument panel has gone completely digital. While vastly different from the C7, the layout itself looks bright and classy. The Infotainment system looks to use the same 8-inch display as the C7, but stands off from the dash rather than being integrated into the dash.

The seats shown in this picture look to be done in heavy black leather accented with red stitching and some fabric panels. The seats look very supportive and will keep the driver in place during spirited driving.

The door panels look to be constructed with the same higher end materials found on the center console, and feature Bose speakers, push-button handles and a metallic insert that encloses the window adjustments.

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