Limited Time Only: GM Pays All New Corvette Buyers’ Driving School Tuition

Starting this week and lasting through February 28, General Motors will pay the driving school tuition of any new Corvette buyer. Previously, the General only offered the program to new Corvette ZR-1 owners.

GM says the generous decision was made to add “to an unmatched set of experiences available to Corvette owners”, while also marking the beginning of Corvette Racing’s 2011 American Le Mans season.

Owners have a year from their car’s delivery (or sale) date to sign up and use their two-day driving school pass at either of Corvette’s official outfits – Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving near Phoenix, Arizona or Ron Fellows Performance Driving School at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pick up a 638-horsepower ZR-1, though, and you’ll get the benefit of one extra day at school.

Student’s have to pay their own travel, accommodations, and food bills, but nonetheless, it’s a good value when you crunch the numbers. Bob Bondurant’s High Performance Driving two-day classes start at $2325, while Ron Fellows’ Level 1 students usually shell out $3695.

Source: General Motors

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