‘Idol’ Carmen Suleiman parts with luxury Corvette

Published August 1st, 2012 – 20:35 GMT via SyndiGate.info

In a story that proves that girls will be girls while boys need toys and fast cars, Carmen Suleiman the young Egyptian Arab Idol winner will be selling her prize Corvette. The young singer shows that fame has not gone to her head in a move to save the environment and money while she remains in Egypt.

The now-famous singer wishes to part with her trophy car that feels out of place on the streets of Cairo, she confesses. Moreover it’s a gas-guzzler of greedy proportions, she reveals, in her own down-to-earth way, putting it: “It requires a gas station just to keep it running”.

This move won’t go down badly with a notoriously poor population who recently revolted against their corrupt leader Mubarak, and should appreciate her modesty, now that she’s ‘rich and famous’.

According to the news and celebrity gosspic portal MBC.net, Carmen gave her car update in an interview with Panorama FM radio. Other topics covered by the recent still-studying school student included her rivals and competition on Arab Idol. Carmen graciously remarked at this later stage that all deserved the title of Arab Idol 2012, but her win was in the hands of the fans. Like her Egypt’s recent ‘choice’ new leader, she was the people’s choice!

Carmen took the opportunity to quell other rumors that arose in line with her win and celebrity. UAE singer Abdullah Bilkhair asking her hand in marriage is just not true, she exlaimed. Keen to put the record straight, the wide-eyed ingenue stressed that she had never met the Emirati in her life and that he too had also denied the rumor of wanting to marry her.

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