Guy shows off C5 Corvette Z06 and Guess what!

While not as epic as last year’s Corvette C5 vs. Corvette C6 incident, this crash involving a Corvette Z06 C5 ranks fairly high on the stupidity index (that is, unless it was done for insurance purposes since the same person allegedly pulled the same stunt on a Dodge Viper, as you will read below).

The video was posted only a couple of days ago, though a quick search on the web reveals that the accident probably occurred a few years back.

It shows the Z06 driver fooling around on public roads with burnouts and power slides until the rear end of the sports car turns around and bites a…tree.

According to the YouTube description of the crash, which you can read in its fullness right below, the car was loaned from a dealership in Baltimore and it was deemed a total right off. The same driver allegedly crashed a Dodge Viper soon after, though we don’t have a video of that incident (if you happen to find it, you know where to send it).

From the YouTube Poster: “Guy shows off his driving skills in a used Corvette Z06. The car was borrowed from an exotic car dealership in Balimore, MD. The car was totaled out because of frame damage. The dealership’s insurance paid for it. The driver was uninjured but was not fired for borrowing the car. A couple weeks later, the same driver totaled a Viper coupe. He lost control of the car and hit a Jersey wall. He still wasn’t fired for either accident.”

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