#GM Chairman & CEO Dan Akerson to auction 1958 #Corvette for Habitat for Humanity Detroit

ONE of America’s classic sports cars is going to help pave the way for rebirth in a renowned Detroit neighborhood.

General Motors chairman and CEO Dan Akerson plans to auction off his 1958 Chevrolet Corvette with proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity Detroit and its efforts to rebuild and revitalise the Morningside Commons neighborhood on the city’s lower east side.

Akerson and his wife, Karin, made a personal, cornerstone $1 million donation in February to help launch “Leaders to Rebuild Detroit,” Habitat Detroit’s three-year, $25 million initiative to serve at least 500 families in Morningside Commons through house construction, rehabilitation, critical repairs and energy-efficiency upgrades.

“The 1958 Corvette is a great example of American passion and ingenuity, and my hope is that the auction will help bring attention and resources to Habitat’s efforts to revitalise a historic Detroit neighborhood,” Akerson said.

“I love this Corvette, and if putting it on the block can help rebuild the heart and soul of a neighborhood, I am all for it.”

The Regal Turquoise Corvette is powered by a 245 horsepower (183kW) V8. The 1958 Corvette included new body panels, a new instrument panel and new upholstery.

External distinguishing features included dual headlamps a Corvette first and twin chrome trunk spears.

In a sign of changing times 54 years ago, safety belts were factory installed for first time.

Chevrolet built 9168 Corvettes for the 1958 model year, but only 510 or just over five percent were painted Regal Turquoise.

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