Featured Corvette: 1967 Numbers Matching Silver Pearl L79 Corvette Coupe

1967 corvette convertible silver pearl 9

Very original Chevrolet Corvette coupe in a sharp and rare color combination!

Happy 50th to the ’67 Corvette!  When discussing the first 3 generations; (C1 to C3) of Corvette production, few would argue that 1967 was a very good year!  It’s the year when Chevrolet got everything right.  Especially with Corvette.  It’s widely regarded as the high-water mark in Corvette design (that big block Stinger hood!) and performance.  And for good reason! 

Although the physical changes from the previous year were subtle, there was just enough overall refinement to make it the perfect package from top to bottom and inside out! 

1967 corvette convertible silver pearl 23

As far as performance went, there wasn’t a bad engine to be had in the line-up.  From to base 300hp 327ci small block up to the beastly 435hp 427ci big block.  Not to mention (and Chevrolet didn’t!) the legendary L88 of which only 20 were built in ’67.  The thing was, most of the potential buyers that were looking to park a new Corvette in their garage back then didn’t want a ’67.  They were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the “all-new” ’68 Shark!  So as a result, many new ’67’s languished in dealer showrooms for longer than usual.  I think the saying “Hindsight is 20/20” certainly applies here! 

So, what made the ’67 Corvette such a home run?  It was a combination of style, performance . . . and the perspective of time.  Needless to say, far less people saw the greatness of the car back then as they do now.  Like today, we’re always waiting for the next best thing!  And back then, it was no exception. 

We all wait and hope next generation to come along will be a vast improvement over the previous.  Well, the Sharks were beautiful cars, no doubt about it!  But, as the decades have passed, the legacy of the mid-years and the ’67 especially, has grown to almost mythical status within the Corvette community.  And to that end, the prices of these Vettes have skyrocketed!  With values being what they are, many owners choose to restore their cars to perfection.  Hoping this will go ever further towards increasing its value down the road.  As a result, original, untouched examples are getting as rare as hens teeth!  And finding one of these “time capsules” is a treasure hunt Indiana Jones would surely appreciate!  So although the chances are slim that one could be located, Indiana Vietro is always up for the task.  And true to form, this is what he uncovered this time.

This very original ’67 came to us from a collector client of ours.  When we received it, the majority of its original paint was still intact.  However, certain colors did not wear well over time and Silver Pearl lacquer was one of them.  So it was decided that a repaint in the original color was in order.  So paint it, we did.  And it looks beautiful! 

1967 corvette convertible silver pearl 15

Otherwise, the interior is quite original with the exception of newer carpet.  But, to add to the driving experience, cold Vintage A/C has been added along with a heavy-duty radiator, a hidden audio system with Satellite radio, red line radial tires as well as factory tinted glass all the way around. 

The L79 #’s matching 350hp 327ci small-block runs great with plenty of power, the 4-spd. shifts crisply and it stops straight and true.  The car is a fantastic driver (very quick and responsive, as it should be!). This is a Corvette that you can drive anywhere in comfort and style. 

Documentation includes the Tank Sticker and detailed service receipts.  We don’t come across really nice, (largely) unrestored examples like this one very often.  Don’t miss an opportunity.

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