Dewitt, AR – DeWitt Police Report

DeWitt Police reported answering the following calls Aug. 20-Sept. 4:

Aug. 20 — While on patrol, an officer saw a black Corvette traveling southbound on Highway 1 with three people in the front seat of a two-seat car. He turned around and caught up to the vehicle near Sixth Street and activated his blue lights. The Corvette turned onto Sixth Street, and the officer followed with blue lights flashing to a location between Dudley and Roy streets. The vehicle was traveling 37 mph in a 30-mph zone. The driver was not pulled over for his speed, but for the potential danger of having too many passengers in a two-seat car. A couple got out of the Corvette while the officer wrote the citation. When the officer exited his patrol car, the couple was asked to get back in the vehicle. The woman did as asked, but the man refused to return to his vehicle. The man was told he could be charged with obstructing governmental operations for making it hard for the officer to conclude the traffic stop when the officer has to pay attention to the man for the officer’s protection. The man threatened to expose information about the officer to the public. He then wanted the officer to mail the citation to his lawyer. The man was told it would be left with the offender. The man told the officer he wanted to talk to the officer’s supervisor. As the officer was waiting for the supervisor to arrive, the man told the officer to get off the property. The officer gave the man the citation and left the area before the supervisor arrived. The man then got in his Corvette and tore off through the yard of the property before the supervising officer arrived. The officer explained what happened to the supervisor. Video will be saved on the police department’s secure file for in-car video.

Aug. 28 — Police were dispatched to South Whitehead Drive near The Willows for a two-vehicle accident. The driver of a 2008 Chevrolet Corvette said he was traveling east on Whitehead Drive and saw a 2006 Buick pull out from a stop sign in front of him. He pulled to the right to miss her, but she hit him in the driver’s rear corner. The driver of the Buick said she just didn’t see the Corvette. Damage to the Chevrolet was estimated at $1,500; to the Buick at $500.

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