Corvettes Gone Wild at 2015 Carlisle

AAdO4Aw.img AAdOcg2.img AAdOrKZ.img AAdOuoG.imgBy Saturday morning (August 29th), the Carlisle Fairgrounds were packed from wall to wall for another year of Corvettes at Carlisle. It was literally overwhelming. Walk thirty paces and you find yourself a midst a sea of Corvettes, with no clue from whence you came. Letting this Corvette heaven wash over you, the beauty of similarity is apparent.

It is a celebration of the greatest American sports car, and everything right in the world. Raucous V-8 power. Finely tuned suspension. But alas, amidst all of familiarity there are certainly some standouts. While many are good at blending in, others can’t help but grab your attention. Here are some of the most outrageous things we have seen at the 2015 Corvettes at Carlisle event so far, starting with the show field and ending with the bikini contest (a new addition this year).

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Article by by Scott Parker of Hot Rod