Corvettes at Carlisle to Host Large Contingent of Current and Former Corvette/GM Engineers and Developers

by Mitch Talley on July 28, 2012

We’ve all dreamed of walking the halls of Chevrolet and being privy to the inner workings of what goes on behind the scenes to make our favorite car.

For instance, what Corvette fanatic wouldn’t give his right arm to be inside the design headquarters and see what is going on right now as the C7 nears production?

Well, Corvettes at Carlisle offers the next best thing to that dream by hosting at least 40 current or past engineers, company representatives, etc., of General Motors and Corvette at the annual Corvettes at Carlisle, the nation’s largest all-Corvette event.

You will be able to attend free seminars and pick the brains of many of the geniuses behind the Corvette – past, present, and future – during the 2012 Corvettes at Carlisle, slated for August 24-26 in Carlisle, Pa.

“Having the GM Team and more specifically a large number of the Corvette Team on hand during Corvettes at Carlisle really helps set our event apart from the others,” said event manager and Carlisle Events co-owner Lance Miller.

Millers says Corvettes at Carlisle is honored to have them on hand to interact with participants and answer questions as well as communicate what the latest and greatest technology is and what’s to come.

“Not to mention anyone truly has the opportunity to get to know the people behind America’s supercar,” he said.

Miller says he’s personally watched Carlisle participants raise valid concerns about their cars, and the Corvette Team reacted the following year by making an adjustment similar to the discussions.

“It’s great to know that despite the size of the company, the Corvette Team on hand during Corvettes at Carlisle has the same passion any Corvette lover does! I’m honored to know them firsthand,” Miller said.

The list of Corvette workers ranges from those who have worked inside the communications department to the top engineers of some of the biggest projects in company history.

At Carlisle, the representatives will host free test drives at the nearby Carlisle Expo Center, conduct walk-around sessions where the latest products and cars are showcased, sit for autograph and photo sessions, interact with show goers, and more – all at no charge!

Corvette Product Marketing Manager Harlan Charles says the Carlisle show gives the Chevrolet team a chance to show Corvette enthusiasts what’s new for 2013.

But it’s not just a one-way street. Corvette team members benefit, too, Charles says.

“We get invaluable feedback from talking to customers, and that helps us make better Corvettes for the future. Best of all, this is an opportunity for new Corvette team members to be immersed in the fun and passion of the Corvette culture and the pride of being a Corvette driver and owner.”

The public can meet these Corvette staffers throughout the weekend and can find out what’s going on through a complimentary event magazine listing the full schedule of activities.


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