Corvette ZR1 Does Practice Laps at Indianapolis

March 5,2012

When we heard that the Corvette ZR1 would be the pace car for the 96th Indy 500, we knew the most powerful car ever to fulfill this role deserves some extra coverage. So here it is, the performance machine of the Chevrolet brand doing its practice laps in front of the camera.

There really isn’t much in America that can match the 638 horsepower ZR1 and its fiberglass racing body on the track. Despite looking like a relic from the 90s, the car is actually modern, using carbon fiber for the front fenders, hood, roof, front splitter, rocker panels and floor pans.

Round the Nurburgring, it’s faster than the Nissan GT-R in its latest form, and even the extreme Gumpert Apollo Sport.

The Corvette Pace Car features an exterior paint scheme and full body length stripe similar to that of the 60th Anniversary Package being made available on all ‘Vettes built this year. This adds an Arctic White exterior with a Blue Diamond leather-wrapped interior. Extra content comes in the form of a rear spoiler, painted calipers.

This footage was taken by Bader TV New at the launch even for the pace car.

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