Conquer the Right Side

The Corvette and the Mustang are always battling it out for who is better, but there is a big part of the world that does not get to experience this, the Right-Hand Drive side of the world. Well there is a rumor that GM is about to fix this issue when they roll out the 2018 ZR1. Yes, that is right, there may finally be a factory Right-Hand Drive Vette!

GM knows that the Mustangs sales numbers are enhanced by the fact that they can sell the world over and want a piece of this pie.  One of the stumbling blocks has been something as simple, but meaningful, as the Corvette Logo! That is right, the Australian government has said it looks too much like the Red Cross flag, which according to the Geneva Conventions Act of 1957, could only be used during times of conflict in order to indicate that the people or vehicle bearing it shouldn’t be shot.

People in the know are reporting that this problem is getting fixed and will allow GM to use the Corvette logo in Australia. If this all happens, Ford will not be happy, as such the pinned-up demand can cause the Corvette ZR1 to outsell the Mustang.

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