CLAYTON COUNTY, GA – Corvette ZR1, A Drug Fighting Super Machine

A Corvette ZR1 is now parked at the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department, and some citizens are concerned that the department used taxpayer money to buy the car, Even though the car clearly says on the back: “Donated by a Local Drug Dealer.” When asked about the purchase of the ZR1, Clayton County Sheriff’s Department’s Director of Constituency Services, Clarence E. Cox, said the department didn’t pay for it and the car was seized from a Local Drug Dealer.According to Cox, the car was used to transport cocaine and that the drug was even sometimes stashed in a taillight. After that dealer was busted, the sheriff’s department seized the car.

The ZR1 is being valued at $80,000 and will eventually be sold on auction; the money will go toward replenishing the department’s aging fleet.

Cox said the Corvette, which wasn’t painted but instead covered in removable wrapping with the Clayton County Sheriff Department’s insignia, is not used for patrol or chases, but instead for promotional and educational appearances.

Still, taxpayers like Menyon Epps said they were concerned about the amount of money it costs to take care of a luxury car. “I just think there are better things the department could do with that money,” Epps said.

So far the department has only paid for gas in the car and as it gets 14/20 mpg and is about the same, or better then, their normal patrol cars, this concern may be unfounded. Maybe the department should inform the public about the cost of the car as well as fight drug use. Or maybe the press covering this issue should let the public  know. Either way, the sell drugs, lose your toys message it getting out.


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