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Although all Corvettes are dear to me, L88’s hold a special place in my heart and mind. Consider the tale of a 1968 black L88. Key to my business–and keeping my passion for Corvettes alive–has been staying current with my client base, which continues to be my most valuable resource. Knowing precisely where each L88 is at any given time makes possible deals that otherwise would not have transacted.

I recall a few years back getting a phone call from a friend looking for a particular black L88. Because I had sold the car years previously, all it took in this instance was a simple phone call to touch base with the owner. Would he consider cutting it loose? No pressure, just plant the idea in his head. He entertained the thought for a while and soon enough invited me to visit him. I always have a bag packed for such occasions so I quickly jumped on a plane. In a rental, after a brief drive I was standing in his driveway. Warmly greeted, we talked about many things before I was led into his garage, a shrine to four-wheeled Americana, full of rare and desirable Corvettes and muscle cars. But I was on a mission to buy back my old convertible L88. After careful inspection–since I hadn’t seen it in many years–and browsing through a binder full of documentation, we negotiated the deal.

Parked alongside this rare ’68 L88 Corvette (one of 80 built for that model year, the L88’s engine option cost $947.90) was a gem even more unusual: one of the original 16 1967 L89’s. Predictably, for more than 30 years, every ’67 L89 example I had inspected had issues that prevented me from acquiring any of them. However, this particular ‘67 was real indeed and the car’s binder also sitting on the same desk contained paperwork that I had never seen before. To say the least, I was speechless, emotionally overwrought at having ‘discovered’ an authentic L89 from the prime year of C2 generation production. The car was ostensibly not for sale, which of course made it even more desirable, and a challenge to my skills as a Corvette dealmaker. I proposed an acquisition scenario that included providing the owner with a timeframe in which to decide if he seriously would part with it. But the timing was sketchy for me as I had a real estate deal closing in about 30 to 45 days. But if that went down, I would have the additional cash to secure the L89.

The story doesn’t stop there because sitting next to that car was one of the original ‘69 ZL1 Camaros, one of 69 produced with a monster 427 cubic inch aluminum block V8. It too had a great owner history, documentation and a factory four-speed. I tabled the thought of buying it until I knew the cash was going to be in hand. We are now talking three exceptionally rare, all documented, all great colors, all four speeds and all rising steadily in a market that was trending up strongly.

To be continued….. read more later about the amazing 1967 L89 purchase and all of its original documentation, what a story!

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2020 Corvette Production Start Dates

Chevrolet first started accepting orders in September for the 2020 Corvette Stingray Coupe and said the convertible would roll out late in the 1st quarter.

But then GM had a nearly 6-week long UAW strike shutting everything down. We are now seeing news that retail production of the C8 coupe will most likely start on February 3rd. Other news points to the convertibles starting production in mid-to-late April, and maybe as late as early May.

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