Chevrolet Corvette owner takes vehicle past 700,000-mile mark

A Florida driver and business owner claims he has over 700,000 miles logged on his 16-year-old sports car, according to two YouTube videos. If true, he is only 300,000 miles away from joining the handful of vehicles that have logged one million on their odometers.

A Florida driver took a 2000 Chevrolet Corvette out for its paces, but the miles on the odometer weren’t produced on a race track.

The man known only as “Mike” claims he owns a business in Florida and Georgia that requires him to be out on the road a lot, according to this YouTube video. In the latest video, Mike shows the Corvette has since acquired 709,972 miles since his purchase.

According to a CARFAX Vehicle History Report, the sports car in question has changed owners twice since its initial purchase in 1999. The first owner put 196,186 miles from 1999 to 2004. The second owner leased it for just less than a year and put 38,102 miles.

The report also has a detailed history on all maintenance and repair work done on the vehicle. A lot of it appears to be basic vehicle services, but there has been numerous work done on the car’s electrical system.

As I’m sure a lot of car enthusiasts and writers will tell you, the key to a vehicle’s longevity often leans on the owner rather than the vehicle itself. That means making regular oil changes, changing out the spark plugs and other routine maintenance work.

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By John-Henry Perera Updated 5:09 pm, Monday, June 6, 2016