Chevrolet Corvette Hauling a Bomb on the Highway: No Tailgating

chevrolet-corvette-hauling-a-bomb-on-the-highway-no-tailgating-98767-7No, the image above doesn’t seem to be a product of Photoshop, or any other image manipulation software, for that matter. This is actually a Corvette catering to a bomb’s transportation needs.

The photo shows a C4 ‘Vette towing a trailer, which is unusual enough on its own. Nevertheless, we are more worried (no, really, we are) about the cargo.

At first sight, the image, which comes via Corvetteforum, appears to show an aerial bomb, the kind that requires a plane in order to serve its purpose.

Still, there are plenty of reasons for which such a device can’t be there. For one thing, transporting explosive material of this caliber is not exactly legal, simply because it’s not safe. Imagining a crash and its consequences is enough to prove this point.

Then there’s the weight of the thing – we haven’t been running around with a scale in our pocket, but we have a hunch the thing is past the C4 Corvette’s towing capacity.

This is probably just here for the show

It looks more like we are dealing with some sort of a shell here. Something that will once again make people believe they are dealing with a bomb once it reaches its destination. Or perhaps they driver was sick and tired of all the tailgating that pollutes our highways. You don’t even need a driver’s license to know how bothering tailgating episodes can be.

The pic was snapped on the I-10 and we have to give the man this much – this means he can be certain there’s no tail hanging behind his sportscar.

Sure, the performance might be affected a little bit here and we’re not just referring to the acceleration. And the same can be said about the efficiency. Perhaps an unconventional “No Tailgating” sign, or a very aggressive vehicle choice, would’ve been a better choice.

By: by Andrei Tutu | Auto Evolution | 12th August 2015
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