A walk back in time!!! 1956 Sebring Racer (SR2)

A walk back in time!!! This 1956 high Fin SR2 (Sebring Racer) has always been a dream car of Corvette Collectors worldwide. Way out of the price range of your typical Corvette owner/buyer, this car was Chevrolet’s answer to the racing European cars eating up the tracks stateside and abroad. Conceived and built under the direction of Harley Earl himself for his son Jerome to race. This is perhaps the most valuable Corvette you will ever see firsthand and also to ever leave the GM stable. Auction houses speculate that a car like this, in the right venue, under the right conditions and with two or more passionate pursuers, could lift the canvas off the tent. But until that happens, no one really knows for sure how many millions it will take!!!! Anyway, my buddy Frank and I produced this video to take a walk back in time. Enjoy it and LIKE it if you are so inclined!!!! Corvette Mike V8tro