A Look Inside Chevrolet’s Team Corvette Racing

Why Chevrolet Races – 2016 Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Recap

Chevrolet has been one of many at the forefront of technology and innovation in both racing and on the street. The Corvette, being the flagship of GM performance, has always managed to be part of the innovation — with the very poplar magnetic ride system first introduced to the Corvette and later adopted by Ferrari in it’s 599. Lets not forget the game changing Corvette Zr1 with its supercharged 6.2L V8, massive brakes, and plethora of carbon fiber. Tech like this found it’s way into the recently retired C6 chassis and is now seen in the late model C7 in one way or another. Other innovations like advanced aluminum framing, select use of carbon fiber, with a healthy use of stability electronics as well.

The racing program also allows GM to see what does and doesn’t work on the track and the street, while being able to share data in between. All of this tech and data lead to the development of the C7-R seen in the video that has been doing extremely well since it’s inception. It features a 5.5L V8 engine similar to the rest of the LT line up available in the C7 Corvette. Here we take a look into one of GM’s racing programs — Team Corvette at the Sebring 12H event. We take a look behind the scenes as the C7-R Corvette looks to achieve it’s 99th win while the crew tells about their program and why keeping a close relationship between the street and race C7 is so important to the GM team. We look forward to seeing more from Team Corvette and there very impressive C7-R chassis.

Original Article: http://www.turnology.com/news/a-look-inside-chevrolets-team-corvette-racing/ by Cardea Blue