A Dealer Tech Got Caught On A Corvette’s Valet Mode Doing 83mph In A Residential Area

A video purporting to show a Corvette being taken for a ‘joyride’ by a dealership in Bakersfield, California has surfaced, recorded using Valet Mode.

Ah, Valet Mode. Feels like a while since we last saw a video recorded using this now famous C7 Chevrolet Corvette feature, isn’t it? As a reminder: once enabled, Valet Mode starts recording via the Data Logger (with no audio due to legal reasons) as soon as the engine is started, the idea being you can then catch your valet in the act when they’re doing something they shouldn’t be.

This particular Valet Mode video was originally posted on the Corvette Forum. The uploader claims the driver is a technician from Three-Way Chevrolet Cadillac in Bakersfield, California, and as you’ll see from the Data Logger footage, he blasts through several yellow lights and breaks the speed limit multiple times, at one point hitting 83mph in a residential area.

Speaking about the experience on the forum, the owner said: “The dealership offered nothing more than a rude apology to make it right. GM Customer Care also would not help. They basically [said it] wasn’t their problem, take it up with the dealership.”

We contacted Three-Way Chevrolet Bakersfield for comment, but are yet to hear back.

Source: Corvette Forum via Car Scoops