If you did not watch the 24 hours of Le Mans this last weekend, you missed a great race. With just minutes remaining though, Heartbreak happened to Corvette Racing’s #63 C7.R.

As is Le Mans, with every lap, the race gets more and more exciting. In the GTE-Pro class it was mainly a race between the Corvette C7.R and the Aston Martin Racing Vantage. In the final hour, the race looked extremely close, and during the final pit stop, in which most of the GTE-Pro class pitted at the same time, the Corvette driven by Jordan Taylor, and the Aston Martin driven by Johnny Adam, came out less than one second apart.

With just over one lap remaining, the Aston Martin attempted a pass in the Arnage corner, but braked too deeply into the corner, and the Corvette recovered the lead. But then, with just one lap to go, the Corvette missed a turn in the Mulsanne chicanes and, after going through the gravel, punctured a tire. With the Corvette now on just 3 good tires, the Aston Martin was able to pass and take the lead. The Corvette was able to limp across the finish line, but not before being passed by the #67 Chip Ganassi Ford GT, to take 3rd place. The #64 Corvette, finished five laps down in eighth-place.