2017 Corvette Order Guide Details New Corvette Options and Colors

2017_CorvetteChanging up how they normally release the new information on the latest Corvette, Chevrolet has published the 2017 Corvette Guide in advance of this week’s reveal of the new model year at the National Corvette Museum’s Bash event. So there will definitely be some spoiler information discussed if you want to wait. But for those that want all the latest details for the 2017 Corvette, let’s dive in!

You can click here to download the 2017 Corvette Order Guide.

First things first. Chevrolet has only published information on the 2017 Stingray and Grand Sport Models. The 2017 Z06 information will apparently be made available at a later date. Chevrolet will start the Stingray and Grand Sport production in June and Z06 Corvettes will start up in early September. But with the first order window opening for the 2017 Corvette right around the corner, the 2017 Order Guide will assist dealers and buyers on what can be ordered.

Chevrolet had already made the biggest news by unveiling the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. The Grand Sport is the marriage of the naturally aspirated LT1 of the Stingray’s Z51 model with the widebody design of the Z06 body. A special limited Collector’s Edition will also be offered.

The previous C6 Corvette Grand Sport replaced the base Corvette’s Z51 option and there was speculation if the Stingray Z51 model would be going away for C7 as well.

The good news this time around is that that Chevrolet is keeping the Z51 Stingray model and so now there are two Stingrays, the base and Z51 and the Grand Sport models will be offered with the Z51 as the base and the Z07 Performance Package. When you add the Coupe and Convertible body styles, that’s eight different configurations for the Stingray and Grand Sport.

Since colors are a major topic of interest, we’ll go there next. Four new colors are set for the 2017 Corvette. We already told you about the return of Admiral Blue and the new Grand Sport Collector’s Edition will feature Watkins Glen Gray Metallic. The two other new Corvette colors are Sterling Blue Metallic and what appears to be the return of purple to the color palette with Black Rose Metallic.

Chevrolet will still be offering a full compliment of graphic packages for the Stingray and Grand Sport. A Satin Black hood stinger is listed a new for 2017 but the interesting colors are the Grand Sport’s Hash Marks. They will available in seven different colors: Tension Blue, Hyper Green, Yellow, Volcano Orange, Torch Red, Gray and Carbon Flash Metallic.

Returning in 2017 are the same three design packages that were available on the 2016 Corvette. Spice Red, Black Suede and Twilight Blue all come back and are now offered on both the Stingray and Grand Sport Models.

As far as changes to the interior, we only see one new option coming and one going. Coming is the ability to change the seat belt colors to Red in addition to the standard black. Going away will be the Brownstone interior color.

Pursuing the wheels sections and it looks like all the same wheels from 2016 will carry over to the 2017 Corvette models.

So to sum it up, the Grand Sport is the major attraction in 2017 Corvette and with four new colors available including some wild hash mark stripes for the Grand Sport.

If you are still going to the National Corvette Museum’s Bash this week, Chevrolet will hopefully have the new cars and colors on display and perhaps there will be a few easter eggs left to find!