2016 Corvette Z06 C7.R is Totaled Hours After Delivery

[VIDEO] 2016 Corvette Z06 C7.R is Totaled Hours After Delivery

Chevrolet paid homage to the Corvette Racing C7.Rs in 2016 by building 650 C7.R Special Edition Z06s, 500 of which were sold in the USA with the other 150 going abroad. The new 650-horsepower special editions are loaded and featured special graphics including a Jake graphic on the hood.

Unfortunately, the amount of these special editions in the US was just reduced for 499 after a spectacular crash in Katy, Texas pancaked a Corvette Z06 C7.R Coupe on the same day it was delivered to a customer.

Details of the wreck are sketchy at the best but the uploader of this video says that the customer had picked up the new Corvette Z06 in the morning and then dropped it off to have the windows tinted.

We don’t know if this Corvette crash is a result of a joyride gone wrong by employees of the window tint business or if the owner is responsible for the crash. The uploader does make the comment “I assume the owner wasn’t too happy when he came to pick it up that evening” which suggests that the new owner’s best day ever turned into his worst day ever when he got the news that his new Corvette had been totaled.

The video is short, just :17 seconds, but we see the car is on its driver side as a tow truck then rights it back on four wheels. Except a couple of the special edition wheels are now missing. Once the car is righted, we see a crashed SUV with a for sale sign and an upside down 50 mph speed limit sign all lumped together which suggests the Corvette was stopped in its tracks by the parked SUV.

It’s hard to tell the full extent of the damage but its pretty much all-over with most of the rear in pieces. I can see Corvette enthusiasts have already praised the fact that the cockpit of the car was intact while at the same time speculating about the condition of the not-yet-broken-in LT4 engine.

This is a very painful video to watch and I wish the owner the best in these horrible circumstances. While he is out a special edition Corvette, he might just end of the owner of a window tint business once his lawyers are finished with the perpetrators of the crash.

We got an update on what really happened with this Corvette C7.R from a Facebook friend who says the following:

“The story is this guy waited 1 year to get this C7R Corvette, it never made it past the make ready department. Totaled in 5 minutes and driver in the hospital. The customer never even saw his car. This happened in Houston yesterday on the westside.”

I liked the window tint version of the story better as a dealership employee should really know better then to get on a customers car. If we get any more updates, I’ll be sure to post them.


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