2014 Corvette C7 Details Leaked, LT4 Coming in 2015

The highly anticipated Corvette C7 has had its fair share of leaks, but this one might be the most revealing one yet revealing that the next-generation of Chevrolet‘s great American sports car will indeed live up to its hype.

Details accompanying some signature blurry-cam photos include that the C7 Corvette will have an optional carbon fiber roof, heated and cooled front seats, while the dash will sport a similar setup to what’s seen in the current Cadillac XTS with CUE. In addition, the new buttons seen throughout the interior look to be of high quality (similar to those found in the new Porsche 911), while no physical tachometer will be present in the next-generation Corvette, just a graphic in the middle LCD screen. All other gauges in the dash will be physical gauges.

But most exciting is the leak that in 2015 an LT4 option will be made available, an upgrade from the current Camaro ZL1 powerplant with even more horsepower. Early speculation has Corvette enthusiasts believing that 2014 will see an LT1-powered C7 Vette with anywhere from 480 to 500 hp while the 2015 model will have an option LT4 sporting mid-500 horsepower.

GALLERY: Chevrolet Corvette C7 Leak






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