1,500 HP Twincharged Corvette ZR1 Keeps Factory Supercharger, Adds Massive Turbo

1500-hp-chevrolet-corvette-zr1-keeps-factory-supercharger-adds-massive-turbo-104911_1The world of tuning has its obvious trends, such as the one that sees the 2016 Camaro getting more aftermarket attention than any new vehicle from the current era. Then there are the tendencies that are a little bit more difficult to trace, but do have the potential of turning into strong trends.

The latest example of this kind seems to be the twin-charging route. After we’ve seen not one but two examples of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat going down this route (the Hellcat X and Hennessey’s 1,032 hp Hellcat), the time has now come for a Corvette to enter this arena.

We’re looking at a ZR1 Vette that has been heavily modified by the crew over at D3 Performance. The Chevy has kept its factory blower, while adding a turbocharger to offer more than double the original muscle.

The ZR1 was gifted with a ProMod 88mm turbocharger, which was mounted at the back of the car. The setup makes us think of heavily modded Porsche 911s and comes with an appearance that only amplifies the trolling nature of the vehicle’s number plate.

As you can imagine, the soundtrack of such a machine is as close as you’ll get to a concert while using internal combustion.

Then there’s the power, with the supercar now delivering an overly meaty 1,500 hp. In fact, you can check out both the aural and the output sides of this story in the piece of footage below, which shows the ZR1 demonstrating its abilities on the dyno.

While this Corvette is registered in Washington, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it at racing events all over the country. So, if you happen to be reading this while packing the keys to a racecar from a rival camp (GT-R, Lamborghini and Viper owners be advised), here’s a good reason to fret.

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Article by: by Andrei Tutu | AutoEvolution.com
23rd February 2016
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