The 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette Will Debut on July 18

midengine corvette

midengine corvette

Original article: Road & Track

General Motors finally acknowledges that the C8-generation mid-engine Corvette is real, and announces an official reveal date.

After years of waiting, months of speculation, and plenty of rumors along the way, it’s finally official: The mid-engine Corvette, fully acknowledged by Chevrolet for the first time tonight.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra revealed the mid-engine ‘Vette this evening in New York. Barra was driven to the Siller Foundation Footsteps to the Future Gala, a charity event in New York City honoring 9/11 firefighter Stephen Gerard Siller, in a camouflaged example of the future car.

The C8 Corvette will make its official debut on July 18, 2019, judging by the date emblazoned on the camouflaged prototype just posted on social media:

mid engined corvette 1

mid engined corvette 1

Chevrolet is staying tight-lipped about exact specs, but our pals at Car and Driver have some very specific expectations about the vehicle: A 6.2-liter pushrod V-8 making around 500 horsepower and a seven-speed dual clutch transmission to start, with later Z06 and ZR1 high-performance editions. Current expectations state that the Z06 would have a 5.5-liter dual-overhead-cam, flat-plane-crank V-8, while the ZR1 will add twin turbos. A range-topping Corvette Zora is anticipated to have the twin-turbo V-8 plus an electric motor driving the front axle, for a grand total of up to 1000 horsepower, Car and Driver suspects.

We suspect the 2020 C8 Corvette will start in the low-$60,000 range. Chevy has already rolled out a next-generation Corvette page on its website, hyping that July 18th date for the reveal event.

To learn more about the C8-generation 2020 mid-engine Corvette, check out our continually-updated rumor page.

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