Pebble Beach 2018 Forums Open for Registration

pebble beach classic car forum

pebble beach classic car forum

Pebble Beach Automotive Week has long been a feast for the eyes of any car enthusiast, but for those that seek an all-around immersive experience, the Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum offers a unique and intimate opportunity to take part in thought-provoking and insightful conversations with automotive greats.

This year’s Forum includes exciting, new topics that are “firsts” for Pebble Beach Automotive Week. Some sessions also offer advice on how to build and curate a collection, while others will focus on the history and future of featured marques. As usual, prominent automotive personalities will make appearances to share their knowledge and expertise.

jay leno at pebble beach classic car forum

Jay Leno invites a young automotive enthusiast to join him and Donald Osborne on stage at the conclusion of their 2017 Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum.

Jay Leno, Donald Osborne, Jerry Seinfeld, Spike Feresten, and Michael Strahan will each share some of their personal car stories. And in a rare public appearance, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne will reveal how Ferrari’s heritage will guide the prancing horse into the future. Experts in “The Truth About Tucker” will explore what led to the Tucker’s premature end; aficionados at “Big in Japan” will discuss future Japanese collector cars from the Mitsubishi Model A to the Datsun 240Z; and historians at “The Racing Legacy of OSCA-Fratelli Maserati” will examine how OSCA was able to dominate the 1950s racing world with a string of victories.

All forums are held at The Inn at Spanish Bay and are limited to 200 participants—so reserve your seat now! Most forums are free to the public, although featured presentations require a fee of $85.

“The Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum allows our valued enthusiasts to meet the people behind the world’s great cars,” said Concours Chairman Sandra Button. “These individuals, who make, preserve, restore, and—most importantly—love cars, are the reason that events such as this exist. We are honored with their willingness to share their knowledge with true automotive enthusiasts, many of whom have been influenced by them.”

The complete schedule and registration forms for the 2018 Forum, presented by AIG and BridgePoint, are available on

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