New World Record!

We all love Corvettes, but there is one man that seems to have taken the collection of Corvette memorabilia to a new level. Charles Mallon, from Pennsylvania, has collected so much Corvette memorabilia that Guinness World Records was forced to create a new category for him.

Charles Mallon currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Chevrolet memorabilia. He owns more than 2,000 miniature Corvettes as well as Corvette-themed posters, soda cans, salt and pepper shakers, nail clippers, stuffed animals and his favorite, a bobblehead of Betty Boop driving a Corvette. He also drives a 2005 blue Corvette coupe.
“My hats, jackets and shirts are all Corvette,” he said. “I proudly show the brand flags whenever I can.”

Mallon owns so many Corvette-themed items that he changed the way Guinness World Records classifies car collecting. Anyone can go on a giant shopping spree and buy a bunch of cars, Mallon said. Eventually Guinness created a new category for “Corvette items,” and in 2012, Mallon was awarded the world record.