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1963 Bunkie Knudsen Styling Car


Photo Credit: Jeff Romm

In the swinging ’60s, auto shows were the talk of the town, capturing imaginations like nothing else. They were a far cry from today’s familiar events, serving as showcases for the most jaw-dropping automotive marvels imaginable. Whether it was unique custom creations or manufacturer-crafted dream cars offering a glimpse into future styling, these shows were a feast for the eyes. Among the revered showpieces to emerge from GM, none shined brighter than this C2 Corvette.

Remarkably, this vintage showstopper remains in impeccable condition, evoking nostalgia for those who came of age in the ’50s or ’60s. Born during the heyday of automotive extravaganzas, the original iteration of this C2 Corvette made its debut at the New York Auto Show to resounding acclaim.

So beloved was this car, that Chevrolet’s then-General Manager, Semon “Bunkie” Knudsen, had an identical model crafted for his personal enjoyment. Painted in the iconic Crimson Firefrost, mirroring Knudsen’s personal collection, this C2 Corvette features design cues straight from GM’s styling vault, notably inspired by the Mako Shark with its distinctive exhaust and knock-off wheels.

But the devil’s in the details: from the dual wood steering wheel to the bespoke console, every element exudes custom craftsmanship. Even the seats, sourced from a ’64 ‘Vette, are adorned in luxurious white Naugahyde. Pop the hood, and you’re greeted by a meticulously dressed 327 Fuelie engine, a testament to Knudsen’s discerning taste.

Having traversed many miles under Knudsen’s ownership, the Corvette eventually changed hands, finding itself tucked away in a barn until its rediscovery in the ’80s. Now restored to its former glory, this cherished C2 Corvette graces the show circuit, a testament to its enduring allure. Indeed, its rightful place is among the stars of the show, where it continues to captivate audiences with its timeless charm.

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This Week’s Owner’s Corner

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Dan D’s 1964

Working in the local machine shop as a DECAS, product cleaning and shipping GRUNT, early 70’s, always heard Dennis Shinskey, finish his 3 pm to 11 PM shift, get into his 67 fast back VETTE, heading east, to the Penna MTS, going up thru the gears, saying to me self, might be ME some day!!!! 7 years ago I put the Vette pin after owning several C-3’s over the years, and restoring many other cars!! I finally, go to Huntsville, AL. guy had 5 C-2 Vettes, so’s I buys the 1964 Fastback, 300 HP 327, 4 speed, all stock at $42,750.00, needing nothing, had been redone in early 80,s, past 7+years has only needed a fuel pump, and the brakes freshened up!!!! Sky blue, dark blue inside, never had the clutch replaced, showing 116K on the clock, long wait, but an instant refresher whenever I get in it, southern Georgia provides plenty of no traffic, 2 lane highways to enjoy!!!! Alanta Motor Speedway at James Heatley, my back yard.

Dan D.

This Weeks Specials


Bloomington Gold Award and rare factory side exhaust!

Tuxedo Black w/Black interior, 427/435hp, 4-speed
Very rare factory side exhaust and shoulder harnesses!

The ’67 L71 427/435hp Convertible is still considered the “King of the Hill” by most Corvette aficionados.  But within this category, there is still a standout.  And that would be a ’67 L71 Convertible . . . in Tuxedo Black! Black was always the rarest color, but in this configuration, it’s REALY RARE!! Not to mention extremely desirable and very collectible!

Built on 9/16/66, this early, matching #’s engine example has been completely and correctly photo-documented frame-off restored is a Bloomington Gold Award winner. It is optioned with the very rare factory side exhaust, shoulder harnesses, Bolt on wheels wrapped in Red Line tires and is documented with the original Tank Sticker, N.C.R.S. Tank Sticker Validation and Shiping Data Report, old inspection certs dating back to the ’70’s and more!

Realistically Priced At: $269,900


Virtually new with only 32 original miles!

Arctic White w/White Interior, L98
350/245hp, 4-Speed Automatic

There were only 2050 of these Anniversary editions build in ’88, making it a rare and sought-after collectible! The car comes with the owner’s kit, spare keys, Window Sticker, Build Sheet and more!

This particular example has traveled only 32 miles since it rolled out of the Bowling Green Plant! With the exception of tires, the car is basically untouched and in excellent condition throughout and ready for its next caretaker! Car was sold brand new in Redlands, Ca. at Tom Bell Chevrolet!

Priced At: $55,171

Kindig CF1!
A Kindigit Designs & Corvette Mike Collaboration

Kindigit Designs of Bitchin Rides and Corvette Mike have collaborated to bring you the Coolest of Bitchin Rides — a series dedicated to the ultimate resto-mods. The last of a true breed of combustion engines purpose-built by Lingenfelter, developing enough horsepower to rip the steel cords right off these Michelins.

This combination of a very limited, select edition of carbon fiber bodies mated to Roadster Shop chassis culminated into something very special. The first, from scratch, retro look 1953 Corvette Roadster with all the trick goodies of modern-day Sportage transportation with a flare to dare you not to stare.

This car could be yours in less than half the time of a current build.

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