Lost And Found

09 1965 corvette convertible rare finds brock

In 1985, Rusty Brock was looking through some old slides his father had and was interested in one showing a young man standing next to a 1965 red Corvette Convertible. His dad, George, said it was a car he bought new and had sold in 1971.

With the help of a friend, George was able to track down the Vette and tried to buy it back a few times over the years but was never able to close the deal.

During this period, Rusty got the Corvette Bug from seeing all his dad’s pictures and hearing all the stories his dad had while owning the Vette. Rusty bought his first Corvette before he could even drive and over the years, acquired and restored some for his own collection.

Both Rusty and George never lost the desire to reacquire the 1965 and in 2016 were able to track down the current owner. The problem was that he did not want to sell. After many conversations, over several years, he still did not want to sell, as he loved to have a 1965 Red/Red Convertible to drive. He did finally agree that if Rusty could find one just like his dad’s, he would swap cars. After a very hard search, a clone, except for the top color, was found and a deal was make.

There is just nothing like owning your first Corvette.

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