Fourth Person to Walk on the Moon Passes Away

alan bean
The 4th person to walk on the moon, and renowned Corvette enthusiast, Alan Bean has passed at age 86.

Bean was the lunar module pilot for the 2nd moon landing on November 1969; the Apollo 12 mission. During this mission, he and mission commander Pete Conrad explored on the lunar Ocean of Storms and set up several experiments.

Also, in 1969, Chevrolet began a special lease program for astronauts which Bean, along with 12 other astronauts, took advantage of and ordered their very own 1969 C3 Corvette models complete big-block V8 engines and four-speed transmissions. Chevrolet finished each Corvette in Riverside Gold with a black “wing” section to denote their specialty.

During his career Bean established 11 records in space and aeronautics and received many awards including two NASA distinguished service medals, two Navy Distinguished Service Medals, the Rear Admiral William S. Parsons Award for Scientific and Technical Progress, the Robert J. Collier Trophy, the Federation Aeronautique Internationale’s Yuri Gagarin Gold Medal, the V.M. Komarov diploma, the Robert H. Patuxent River Goddard Gold Medal, the AIAA Octave Chanute Award and the ASA Flight Achievement Award.

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