Featured Corvette of the Week: 1967 Sunfire Yellow L88 Corvette Coupe

Two Time Bloomington Gold Winner!

1967 yellow corvette l88 14This is truly a significant piece of Corvette history and the absolute pinnacle of Corvette performance for decades to come!

A bit of L88 history . . . Any Corvette aficionado with more than a passing interest in Corvettes knows what RPO L88 stands for. Back in the un-restricted, fun loving ‘60’s, horsepower and cubic inches ruled. The Big Three were in an all-out street brawl (both literally and figuratively) to see who would be crowned King of the street and strip! Each were trying to build the ultimate big block. Ford had its Boss 429, Chrysler had it’s 426 Hemi. But if you really wanted to do some serious racing, and if you knew the secret word; you could walk into your local Chevy dealer in ’67, check RPO L88 on your order form and drive out in what is widely considered the most powerful “production” engine ever put into a street car.

bloomington gold l88 corvette mike yellow

Mike Vietro’s 1967 L88 Corvette Coupe – 2018 Bloomington Gold Winner

The Corvette L-88 option was the result of years of developmental work that resulted in what was essentially a factory racing package that could be ordered directly from Chevrolet for a brand-new street Corvette. This package was only available from ’67-’69 and only 216 L-88’s were ever built; 20 in ’67, 80 in ’68 and 116 in ’69. This engine was so powerful, that it took very little preparation to get it racetrack ready. And race it did! L88’s competed and were successful in International races, such as the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Daytona. These racing victories with the L-88 option package, made the Corvette an instant legend. The L-88 name and champion became interchangeable designations.  Read More & View Vehicle Details

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