Featured Corvette: 1967 Marina Blue L79 Corvette Coupe

Marina Blue w/Black interior, L79 327/350hp, 4-spd manual transmission.

Part of the fun of hunting for your next sports car (read CORVETTE!) is trying to come up with the “perfect mixture” of performance and comfort.  Now everyone has their idea of the ultimate combo.  Some just want-all out performance.  So, maybe only a bare-bones Coupe with an L71 427 big block with 435hp and close ratio 4-spd. will do it for them.  Some may want a cruiser Convertible with a mild but highly capable 300hp small block, power steering, power brakes and an automatic transmission to get the job done.  There are some many different ways to “build” your dream Corvette that it can be a nerve-wracking experience trying to put together the best balance between an all-out muscle car and a relatively comfortable driver.  Well, we think the Corvette featured here just might be a contender . . .

Once owned by renowned collector Otis Chandler, this beautiful ’67 was a personal favorite of his and it’s not difficult to see why.  It’s in our opinion, the perfect combination of performance and comfort . . . two things that seldom went together easily back in the good ol’ days of the ’60’s era muscle car.  There were many engine choices in ’67.  From the base 300hp small block all the way up to the legendary and beastly 500hp plus L88 big block.  But, mixed in there was another legend; the L79 327/350hp small block.  This engine was powerful, yet user friendly and placed between the fenders of a ’67 Convertible gave it the balance it needed to handle the curves as well as the straights!  The comfort and ease of driving was made possible by the optional power brakes, power steering, power windows and the rare factory air conditioning!  The end result gave you as close as you could get to a perfect . . . and perfectly driveable sports car!  Other options include am/fm radio, both hard and soft tops and rally wheels with red line radial tires.  It’s also benefitted from a frame-off restoration by Nabers Bros. And the result was an almost perfect 99.8 N.C.R.S. Top Flight score!  The #’s matching engine has been totally rebuilt by Jeff Reade, renown restorer and engine builder.  Best of the Best in rare Corvette Restorations to exacting standards!   It also happens to be a fantastic driver!  And that’s what it was built for . . . to drive and enjoy.  And you will!  Stk #5994

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