Don’t Lie at the Track

Let’s face it, we would all love to take our sports cars around the track and really see what it, and you, could do. One reason most of us don’t do this is because our insurance does not cover us if we push just a bit over our ability. Well don’t let this stop you anymore, as the Corvette Museum offers track insurance for a reasonable price.

Back in October of 2015, an owner of a brand-new C7 Corvette went to the drag strip to have some fun. Well, as luck would have it, about half way down the 1/4 mile track he lost control and hit the cement barrier wall almost head on.

The damage from the crash was extensive and the fact that his brand-new Vette was almost a total loss wasn’t his only problem; his Geico insurance did not cover track events, so he would now have to pay to fix or replace the Vette himself. Faced with a cost of over $60k, he decided to lie to his insurance company about where the damage happened so they would cover the loss.

Everything went well for the owner and Geico paid him $61,465 to cover the loss. This was until Geico found a video of the accident on the internet; showing what really happened. It is not clear who posted the video, but one of the camera angles is from a GoPro mounted to the owner’s own car.

After Geico confronted the owner with this video, he immediately confessed to making the false claim and was charged with insurance fraud. A plea agreement was reached where the owner avoided jail time by repaying the entire $61,465 in addition to $1,560 in court costs, and two years’ supervised probation.

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